Triple Rictameter

Written by: tom mcmurray

A Rictameter Times Three

Aware Like in awake As one self is to be Diversified in all its ways Complexity forever simplified Incorporated primal truth With center quantified To complement Aware ~ Content Beyond relaxed A soul seems so serene Progressive labor force is lost To new consistent and simplistic form Conversion made to basic types Where absolutes can make Man's inner peace Content ~ Sublime A bit beyond Broad mediocrity With partial elevation in Euphoric precepts as derived By variance in digits seen Complexity to start Now simply so Sublime
A rictameter is a poem written in a diamond shape. It begins with two syllables, then four, then six, then eight, then ten, then back to eight, then six, then four, then the same two syllables that began the poetic. The challenge is to make your poetic as near a perfect diamond shape as possible. Try one and have some fun. It ain't as "easy" as it looks. LOL. easyeverett