Forgetting with Jack

Written by: Jayne Eggins

we sat and listened
as his heart broke
a crack was heard
as each word spoke

he had lost sight of truth
when he was betrayed
tricked by her slight of hand
seduced with a magical cat

a bar stool found 
his searching feet,
and his hand found Jack 

purpose drained
as each glass emptied
reason and sanity fell away

all she had left
were empty boxes
in dusty corners 
a stray piece of lego
had stood stationary on its end 
waiting for small hands
that had once been the master
of its kingdom 

Jack lays on his side
and with a wimping snore, breaking 
the even stillness of silence 

I lay here looking for tomorrow
hoping soberity and hope emerges, 
from the emptying bottle of despair 
he now dwells in to forget 

For C ..