I see America

Written by: Chelsie Hansen

Falling, I look up
Pain shoots down my neck and through my body. 
I see the clouds shrouded by dense foliage I see a green blur as my eyes try to wash away 
the pain.

Will I die here?

I see my town, my house, my room, by bed.
I see my car, my dog, my friends, my family, their faces.
I remember the sandbox where I thought i could fly and the swing that was my wings.

Will I die here?

I see my old school, the diner where i use to work, the girl I once loved, her face.
I see myself walking to the mail box the white letter with the dark stamp in my hand, my 
I see my training camp, my leutendent, those tires.

Will I die here?

I see the plane, the water, this land, i see the trees 

I see a green blur as I look up, i see the faces above me, I see their knees, the shoes, the 

I see boys, I see faith, I see dedication, I see pride, i see strength,
I see honor, and then, i see their faces.  

I see America.