Letters to Heaven

Written by: Melody Coster

When loved ones pass from our lives
how do we say our final goodbyes?
how best to express the pain we feel
deep down within our inner self.
We scream, We cry, we ask why!
yet most can neither explain
nor make us understand
what causes us to feel this hurt
we even seek to question the man above
but at times even his response
is neither undestood or accepted.
We can choose to express our feelings
in any number of ways
perhaps putting pen to paper
will help express and hopefully
east this unending pain.
When this is done
What next! some might ask.
Perhaps send this letter towards heaven
burn it within fire and flame
and watch as the ashes fly upwards
towards those we love and miss.
Then perhaps our pain will end
and only memories will stay with us
until our time upon this earth
comes to a close.