Death Comes Looking for a Rider

Written by: Melody Coster

A large black steed charges out of the night
ethereal mount upon his back
eerie glow emanating from eyes
burning through any who cross their path.
Those who come in contact
with this spectral being
may well be the next rider upon his back.
Death known no mercy, nor shows any
all who hear the call must answer.
No where to go, no place to hide
for death knows all, sees all and hears all.
Death, part of life as we know it
waits daily for us
the road we travel leads to this end
sooner for some, later for others!
We greatly fear this unknown
for this is a journey we will not return from
though many believe to the contrary!
With the mornings sunrise
death returns to its' domain, lying in wait
for its next journey to the living world
to collect those whose time has come to an end.