male enhancement

Written by: Milton Toran

you wake up one morning,
and what to your surprise?
you look down at the package,
seems like it shrank in size!

you order this new product,
what else are you to do?
it's guaranteed to give you growth,
perhaps an inch or two!

pop a pill twice daily,
results you'll see in weeks;
rapid manhood is what you crave,
virility's what you seek!

you grab yourself a handful,
enough to fill a cup;
with a tall glass of water,
they're downed in one big gulp!

you feel a weird sensation,
at least for a moment or two;
what once resembled an acorn,
now looks like a raw cashew!

you run around in circles,
your brain's all awhirl;
now you awake the entire block,
screaming like a girl!

if you wanna please your woman,
it's not the size of your part;
love's not given in inches,
love's given from the heart!