Written by: Vicki Acquah

When will you cry? 
Will you cry when they kill all your dreams 
or when the sun stops
setting? Or when you cannot have kids, 
or when they cancel your wedding?  Will it bring 
you to tears when there's another 911 
or you get a bill from your overseers that makes you
feel forlorn; Or when they whisper softly"

 there's something wrong with your newborn" Then
will you cry? Will you cry when the poison from 
the food kills your bodies natural

protection,and leaves you no longer immune? 

That is around the corner waiting and will be
here soon; Doctors with
 "C" averages,taking out your body parts; 
Will you weep then? What
will make you cry,what does it take to make 
you stand: 

Misdiagnosis? You are not exempt.
Missing children or grandchildren,babies 
without bottles, missing;Vacuuming pedophiles
body parts!  

When will you get sick of this manure? 
What will make you fight these horrors
back? It happens to Jill and It happens to Jack...
.Perhaps you don't wanna fight,perhaps

You think it only happens to blacks,
or browns ,or poor whites; No you don't want to
fight,you feel exempt; 
But there's a tear out there waiting,
it has your fingerprint!  So 
keep on thinking it cant happen to you
nothing can affect you, you have it all sorted
out,and life is not fair,but we are 
breathing the same air! 

So if you think these
conditions will only affect others; 
And you have your paper 
money tucked safely in the
bank,you live in a different world....
so you think! Again I ask; What will make you
fight,what will make you cry,

When things come to the the light...
when things to the light?
Your safety net has holes
 in it,you are slipping 
through the cracks,paper money is torn
worthless, dried up trees!
Life for others is not fair,your luck
is running scarred;

We are breathing the same air!  
When the lights come on 
There is nothing more to see, you
knock but can't get in; 
Your names first on the list. 
Your money was not that long; The
Kidney that you needed,went to one 
who had much more!
Now you die from waiting,it is so
aspirating,the playing fields not even; 
But now it is to late,you can no longer
wait.....So you Die.... And so you Die!