The Return of Heart from Darkness

Written by: Jayne Eggins

there was a moment
I felt our hearts brush,
there was within time 
a thought, mine you would crush 

those inhumane moments 
within the walls of your world,
stripped me of feeling 
and all my emotions unfurled

threads of memory
drift through my mind, 
I pick up the ends
to try to make them align 

I have flashes of joy
that pinpricked our life, 
but the strongest in visions
are the ones staged of strife 

I remember all the love 
you stripped from my soul,
I remember all the nights
wishing I was once again whole 

these agonies I’ve bled
on my wedding dress,
I’ve erased, the seeing
of you ripping my flesh 

so these words aren’t wrought 
within the pain of despair, 
for I choose to remember
the very best we shared there 

let the Road to Perdition 
that I traveled with you,
carry the heartache and pain
so we can say this adieu 

the thought I now cradle
to the end of my lines,
is of laughing and smiling
in the heart of springtime 

your power has fallen
and can’t hurt me again 
as I sit here, wonder,
was the beginning worth the end