Damning Sorrow, For Love

Written by: Jayne Eggins

when I heard 
Miss Piggy laugh,
on those days ?
I would be OK 
between the oceans
of pain, we had paddled
to meet 

plastic bags of magic
hanging from fishing poles
wheeled in, by flying nuns

with blessings 
of water and love, 
we divined ways to forget, 
the moments in minutes 
when agony pushes through

to shave another piece off
our shared sheer will, 
and eating the pieces
were the demons
we all harbor,
unwilling jailers 
of repeat offenders
spot our roll-call

barf jokes became 
our Da Vinci Code,
and when one of us 
started losing ground 
it was you who brought
us back around, 
the eternal clown
no frowns allowed

rest in Elysian fields
my darling, 
in the wee hours 
eternity crept from eyes
and misted with disbelief,

from the oceans we traveled
we drink a drop 
to you our funny love,
and damn all sorrow 
to another day