Hate Me without Luv

Written by: Vickie Ortiz Vazquez

Hate Me without Luv, 2010
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazque

Hate me without love
For the love will consume everything including your common sense
Love me without hate
For the hate is a wasted emotion
One that can consume the senses

Hate me and don’t love me
The differences between you and I is and can be as complex as hate, love
Love me and don’t hate me
Because those differences can, should become the reason for being

Hate what you know
For not all societal values should be follow
Love what you don’t understand
For with heart and soul can you only be open
The unknown, the unfamiliar might be the joy you have been waiting for
The know, full of restrictions can bring damnation to us both

Hate me without love
Love me without hate
Hate me without love
Love me without hate