Lyrical Lines

Written by: Connie Marcum Wong

Words . . . written in brilliant lines

In passionate flamboyant rhymes

In Free verse, Haiku or Pantoum,

Etheree, Quatern, or 7/5 Trochee . . .

It matters not the particular form, 

But inherent quality, don’t you agree?

Long lines, short lines . . . no lines,

Sometimes a pregnant pause . . .

Unveils how less is more in lambent wit.

Lines that capture ones attention,

Honey mellowed, juicy jell-Oed or 

Painfully passionate . . . take your pick!

Lines with utter depth and nuance,

Lines we want to keep near bed.

Keep that blue blood flowing, sowing 

Seeds of thoughts through

Your frazzled, dazzled brain. 

Just one more poem ‘fore I retire . . .

One more line so I can sleep.

*For "Line" Contest Sponsored by: Paula Swanson