Song of Rain

Written by: Jim David

we grew up in a desert town
trouble, scrub, and dust were all that we found
tumbleweed hearts, roll across the plain
we never even knew the other shared the same pain
she had hers', and i had mine
we knew about 'em all, every single fall...god we were blind
we took our hands, and gave our hearts
we never could've seen what the future was to bring, broken shards

when is it gonna rain and take the blue from my sky
lovin' you's been joy and pain, glad to be here for the ride
       oh tonight, we're keepin' 'er east til the break of dawn
       oh tonight, taste you in the air, wish it'd go on and on

everything's fine, a bit too still
calm before the storm, in silence you were warned, now take your pill
it fills your ears, and blinds your eyes
there's not a lot to say, ain't changin' yesterday, ain't changin' sides
then the surge, it rushes in
carving out a hole, takin' a toll, taken again
it left you blind, to stagger alone
left you in the deep, a rescue out of reach, on a sky of roan

all this sun makes me afraid, there's got to be storms sometimes
where there's light, there'll be shade, you know there's nowhere to hide
       oh tonight, speedin' along, singin' our song, well upon our way
       oh tonight, we need to be strong, rightin' the wrong, in all we do and say

                     oh tonight, we'll see it through, a morning of blue, to another day