Desperately in love

Written by: Kaila B.A

It's been 2 years, and I can't get over you
I tried to move on, but all I see is you
I mistake names, I mistake dates, what did you do to me?
I just want to let you out of my head, out of my reality
Baby it has been 2 years since we broke up 
I can't get you out my mind, I'm fed up
I love you, love has still
I love you, when i see you my heart softly thrill
when I think about you, you are all I need
when you look at me, I'm the flower because you were my good seed
I would do anything to get you back
I would cross the seas, i would go to Iraq
I would listen to your lies, I wouldn't complain
I know i'm crazy but Without you I'm getting insane
I would do anything to get by your side
I would run to you, in your arms i would hide
2 years has past and you are curved like a tattoo in my head
I remember our first date, I remember the sweet words you said
I know that I deserve some1 better 
But it doesn't matter to me, will you please stop making me suffer
Everything is changing around me but my heart refuses to change
It still wants you peacefully, without any harm, without revenge
It snowed, It rained, there were thunders and storms
But, forever my big heart will be your warm, lovely home