Written by: Adefemi Adejuwon

The time has come,
The hour is at hand,
The place foretold,
Is where we stand,
Take a breath,
Clear your mind,
Leave thoughts of death,
And fear behind,
Look to the stars,
Strain your eyes,
The truth you seek,
There it lies,
If you try,
The sights will come,
Lose yourself,
To freedom,

You can see the sky,
Mourning for a fallen earth,
One that's doomed to die,
Yet is sleeping,
Throwing away all its worth,
You can see the clouds,
Threatening to hurl down their rain,
Men have put on shrouds,
They're not hearkening,
Causing more of their own pain,
Condemned by their actions,

Take a break,
Rest your mind,
Here what's at stake,
Is all mankind,
But don't lose hope,
Keep your faith strong,
And let us help,
To right this wrong,
You feel the chills,
Go up your spine,
Your heart it feels,
We're out of time,
All is not lost,
All's not in vain,
Now calm yourself,
And look again,

Can you see death,
Thinking that the battle is won,
Faith will soon reveal,
A silver lining,
Redeeming all the fallen ones,
Clothed in forgiveness,

Now I see a light,
Fighting against the shadow's scourge,
So unstoppable,
And so blinding,
From faith a second chance is forged,
Now rejoin the living.