I Wore That Yesterday

Written by: Vicki Acquah

The same frown...
The same sad face...
The same dismay
 over and over ..

You said the same
mean words to hurt me. 
Today I choose
 to wear smiles.
I have come miles 
since yesterday!  
The happiness I felt...
The freedom 
I have now since you
 left and went away; 
Please in fact 
don't come back! 
Putting me down-
Wanting to see me
with that same
 sad face,with
that same 'ole frown. 
The same dismay.  
I cant wear t
hose feelings 
anymore no way
For I wore 
that yesterday.  
No complaints,
self esteem  
has risen.  
It feels good to be free
from your 
verbal prison. Nope-  
I am wearing a smile,
enjoying my new freedom.
No frown-no
feeling down-no dismay.  

Cant wear that outfit,
feeling like a misfit,see 
I wore that
yesterday! ....     
No way can you 
taunt or daunt 
my spirit or 
depress my spiritual side.
No more can you 
appall or terrify 
or fill me up with 
I am free ! 
No longer disabled;
 so ring the alarm-
I wont respond,
I have the courage,
the courage to say.I
am not wearing 

those feelings of dismay,
I wore them yesterday.
 So say what 
you must and do
what you will;
 My spirit has 
traveled far from you.     
Today is my day.
So don't come back
to try and dress me in
that old tired suite,
made by Mr. Dis-May ....
I don't wear that
label anymore ...  
I wore that yesterday.

End Poem