Contemplate this : chapters 1-6

Written by: Paul Shaw

Chapter 1

Contemplate this...
End of life
Forever darkness
A place to hide

( A middle aged man stands 
close to the  edge. Enveloped  
in darkness he looks down as 
rain whips his face. In the 
blackness below he glimpses 
splinters of white as waves 

Chapter 2

Contemplate this...
Accept,  life is bad,
Depressed, oppressed 
Time line sad,

( He ponders, is this how it will 
always be? should it end here? 
, an exorcism of sadness) 

Chapter 3 

Contemplate this ...
Those who wronged,
Synthetic weak,
You, inherent strong,

(But no,  saved by a lucid 
moment, a thought takes hold ,  
not to let the selfish 
confessions of another lead to a 
leap of lost faith) 

Chapter 4

Contemplate this..
Run away
A born again day 

(He steps back, walks away 
and leaves all behind, and 
whilst others sleep oblivious, a 
new dawn begins, to live , to 
love and to be loved) 

Chapter 5

Contemplate this...
A giver of hope,
Someone to hold,
A reason to cope,

( He sees her, they 
share a glance, they share a 
few tentative words, they 
share the same thoughts and 

Chapter 6 

Contemplate this...
Dreams fall true,
Entwined with your angel,
Loved are you,

( He finds the purist of love, the 
hurt is no more, happiness 
floods his every moment.....he no longer 
stands close to the edge )