Written by: Anthony Nutter

A.W. Nutter

Condemning chants from the crowd
Final resting place growing nearer
Death envelopes, in a dark shroud
Plunging toward the final chapter

Weight of the rough hewn wood
More than a young soul can bear
To many voices, so misunderstood
The sins of the father, mine to fear

Sons and daughters, of the damned
Anxiously awaiting, my crucifixion
Taste for a new soul being fanned
As the priest offers the benediction

Hand forced open, exposing the palm
Three nails, retribution for imagined sin
Tearfully reciting the twenty-third psalm
Screaming as the metal pierces the skin

The holy trinity watching from above
Turn a deaf ear, refusing to intervene
Ignoring the prayers from the dove
As out of control this life careens

Hanging on a cross, life upside down
Suffering through life and eternity my fate
To another hell, a maligned soul is bound
Haunted by memories, devoured by hate