Crazy People

Written by: Vicki Acquah

The signal they need to be on the same Channel as you, is being interrupted, by voices or
wave signals connected to a different power station. So why not listen to the message?
Instead you medicate. So now when they laugh they cannot tell you what is
therefore you stifle the message, and kill humor. Instead of finding out what flight they were prepared for, you medicate without understanding. His drummer sent him a message, that's the drum he dances to.
You kill the message, sedate the messenger; And now you will never know. Who's
crazy them or you.? Since some sit upon the right hand,  and some sit upon the left; Its only the Yen and Yang of God......
The crazy person wakes up laughing Hysterically; You cannot even laugh at all.....So who's crazy,  Them or you? Both created by the same God , or  MAYBE  Not!