Let this go

Written by: Shahana Jackson

Let this go... 

I keep telling myself the same old things. 
I want to feed my feelings red bull so they can finally fly away 
and leave me be. 
Cause red bull is suppose to give you wings. Right?  

Let this go...

Leave me sane for once.
I've spent too much time drying
wet eyes from tears that shouldn't be falling.

Let this go... 
I wish I could defy my heart.
Go a different direction than the one it wants to go.
Choose someone it doesn't want to know. 

Let this go... 
Leave temptation behind. 
Occupy my mind and heart with something good. 
Let situations be like they should. How they would have been.
Don't you want to escape the misery that your living in? 

Let this go... 
Be happy. 
Be free. 
Jump out the screen.
Be 3D like the movies. 
Leave old habits at the door. 
Leave hurt feelings on the floor. 

Let this go... 
It's what I tell my mind everyday. 
If only my heart would listen. 
It won't let it go....