A Memory follows into Tomorrow

Written by: Jayne Eggins

I watch
as whispers
of smoke
curl up into 
the stratosphere

then, it was as if
the night seemed to yawn, 
a great mouth of darkness,
swallowed the day
another moment, was recorded 
and cataloged
to be digested by the future 
but always, held in a voided past

as the smoke 
over history thickened 
and night and day
turned to meet, 
face to face
and back to back

I wondered why it is
that so many people 
live in the past ?,

when we are all laying
over the silver hands
of a timepiece, 
in a pocket
made of moments

shining up ahead 
is a dreamtime of 
‘Could Be’s’ 
and it awaits,

calling us all 
into the fall of tomorrow