Blue Hope -E

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

Stop trying to undo my heart
The threads that tie it, slowly falling apart
I can't seem to find my life a new start
Since you've barged in it 
and became of it a part
A little whisper of your breathe
and it seems like you're screaming
every sound that you make 
moves me more than its meaning
I cant live with you 
accountable of every thing i do
i have to free myself
from the things that you do
I think your surreal but your far from untrue 
and the truth now reveals as I see the real you
your not all that great, 
not adventurous or heroic
not remarkably strong
you dont listen all the time
but when i look in your eyes
i see a reflection that shines,
a man who is actually the opposite of you
ive only been fooling myself,
believing in those eyes
so blue