Word On The Street

Written by: Louis Borgo

If i aint the man speaking then i must be the man sitting,
do the equation the varibles are there,

Man walk into the barbarshop wanting a fade, 
you know uptown fade even all over and hit corner and ponding on back of the corner.

Look to the left its a poker game going on look to right nothing but empty sitties,
Billie boy pop those collide so what will be 60, 72 and fold! odds over cards

So a man like that you think is it a holiday and where the jingle(got money on him)

you see the man speak your linguarie why not give him fade and shack at that 
respect it everything you call that street sweeper!!!

So word on street is????
you back in town

you now in every town the barber shop is where all the talk is done in town?
word on the street.