living on a usta be

Written by: Jessica Bowie

I usta be beautiful ,honest and full of life
but that candle burned out real quick
and the old me is outa sight
my trust has withered away to nothing and it makes my hair fall out
My bones are sore and dull,
 trying not to snap then crumble to peices and blend with the earth
My face has started to wrinkle though im still young
My mind is An Angry sceptic watching from the backround ready to pounce
My soul has been auctioned off to hell years in the past
This world has taken a loving ,kind gentle soul
and beat and molded her into 
a common bitter biotch
my world crumbles to ash 
and i am gone
crusted to the core of the earth 
and im just living on a usta be
becuase you all have 
killed the genuine me