Written by: adzemye moye

The leaves of the willow slowly fall
Then the snow in a heavy ball
Then the roses blossom in the field
And the rain drops drizzle and yield
But I rest enraptured in my cage
The battles of the seasons I don’t wage

Yet once I was a free spirit
Roaming over hills and vales in wit
Till I saw a goddess of love
She took me to her warm cove
And slowly my wings she plucked
And slowly my freedom she plugged
And fed me a praising song
And I praised her all day long

And still I sit in my cage
Sorrow and hurt I don’t engage
For tons of merry I know to gain
At every time my freedom’s slain
For my guardian though a goddess
Is a perfect and dutiful hostess
And I’m bound without pity
To sing to her for eternity