No Lemurs at the Zoo (Thank You Walt Disney)

Written by: William Kershaw

A short while back when Shayla was three,                     Written just for Barbara's Contest.
I took my granchild's child to the Zoo with me.

She sat in he stroller as we pushed her around,
And she knew almost every creature we found,

Lion goes "RRRR" and Tiger goes "Roar,"
Hippos go "plplplpl" which I'd not heard before.

She knew elephants, horses, gorillas and monkeys,
She knew snakes and Gnus and eurasian donkeys.

Since the day was warm and the child needed a nap,
We sat in the shade on a blanket with her head on my lap.

We ate our lunch as I watched our dreamer,
Who woke and ate hers then pointed up at a lemur.

"Julian" cried the child, "Thats right" cried her mother,
And I looked from one grandkid to another.

When we got home, the child ran to prove it.
In Madagascar, thats a Julian who likes to move-it moveit.