My Dearest Friend

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

My Dearest Friend

How do you ease the pain of someone you love?
You long for the ability to ingest it all away.
You pray and hope you are heard from above,
But her pain still remains all through the day.

She has endured the agony of grief for years.
Tis just another page to turn she claims.
Her silence and courage of her hidden tears,
She realizes there is no one really to blame.

The stature of this woman I speak of is so profound.
She smiles with the grace of an angel in shroud.
Has yet another one of life's bumps on the ground,
To leap once again and land firmly and proud.

I wish I could wish away all of her troubles at hand,
Giving anything I could to take away her pain.
My hero she is number one of all surrounding lands,
My sister and soul mate is all I ask of to gain.

When comes the time for this too shall pass
I know she will be strong and fight once again.
For she is my inspiration, this lovely lass,
I am honored to call her my dearest friend.

For you my dearest Rosanna...