Angel, spread your wings

Written by: David deHaas

Prepare for a battle with fire. Grab your spear and pick axe and launch your graceful
movements at the flames. Swing till blood swells the ground like a sponge. There is no
punishment for your actions, you are an unstoppable train of murder, doing the job of a
thousand soldiers. The blessing of the lord is set upon you, you destroy with the divine
entity alive in your merciless weapon. Your arms are sore yet feel no pain, your enemy
however hurts like a wounded wolf. But you are a tiger, an animal of vast strength and
might, your battle axe swings with the speed of a cheetah, and your prey is a lonely
mouse, as small as the dust in your ears.
The devil does not hear your cry, for you have done no wrong. The devil cry's himself, for
he is next, he is next to be slaughtered by the majesty of your onslaught. And you will
show the beast no mercy, for he has tortured the souls of your comrades kin since the
beginning of time, and death itself will not stop you on your odyssey for revenge. But
first you must kill everyone and everything before you can touch the fallen angel, and you
do it with blessing, as the souls of the fallen live in paradise, and spread their newly
acquired wings.