The Watcher

Written by: Paul Shaw

I know your secrets,
I see them in your eyes,
I know what you have done,
... who you really are,
I will take all from a selfish 

Dare to look at me again,
I will see your weak moments,
The untold stories,
and I will wait,
and you will fall again,
Into the seductive entrapment 
of anothers gaze, 

I know you fear me now, 
So look away,
Save yourself, 
Break your involuntary 
Before I see more, 

Don’t worry, 
I will keep your secrets safe, 
Until your shame drives you to 
look into my eyes again,  
Then...I will give you your 
secrets back ,

Because to keep them comes at 
a price,
But now I want to be free from 
the pain they inflict, 
I’m not ready to die from your 
poisoned secretions’ 

Look at me...the watcher