Train / Lali Tsipi Michaeli

Written by: Lali Tsipi Michaeli


At the age of 7 I left Georgia as an immigrant to Israel with my parents and two brothers. 
We arrived at the train-station with the feeling of a one-way ticket. We travelled until Moscow 
and before passing one whole day and night in a magnificent hotel we took another train to 
Vienna from there we took a plane to Israel. We landed on another planet. It was mid-
January 1972. Since then from my point of view trains have been symbols of departure. Of 
self-analysis. Of new life. Of loss. Not to mention the Jewish DNA that runs on the collective 
memory of the train-tracks or vice-versa. There is nothing for me that symbolizes so 
strongly the wandering the displacement and human sadness like the train. Even if it's a new 
train racing along tracks raised on columns to allow the world's other creatures non-stop 
transport. When I want to bring these things to light in my memory everything changes to a 
collage of the trains I've seen in my life, in reality as well as in films, documentaries or art-
house. The train has turned into trainness and I don't know to whom I belong.

translated from Hebrew by:
Alexa Christopher-Daniels

in English

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