Fairytale Love

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Fairytale Love

This is a story of young love to the old.
Best friends we were at a delicate young age,
Remained that way, until turning of life's page.
Now comes the time for our tale to be told. 

Attraction was strong but we never dared to dance.
The love we felt separately stayed hidden within, 
And many day's hours we longed to give in.
Not revealing our love we craved to romance. 

Oh young love, how innocent and sweet.
Fearing to admit it, may loose your best friend.
Dazed in each other's eyes never knowing back then,
The secret desire for our souls to meet. 

A meeting in mid-life was short and all too brief.
Years passed by and every now and then,
A song would play and you're in my heart again.
Silent yearnings may have erased many years of our grief. 

Older and wiser, we're given a second chance.
Days may be numbered, never knowing the end.
Profess your young love to your best friend,
And take that chance to romance that dance. 

A lifetime passes and now our love's revealed by both.
Admissions of love confessed to you my dear,
The truth of this has now come back through the years. 
This love we've always shared is now open to growth. 

An encountered stranger noticed the looks we share. 
Not knowing our story, he said to you and me,
This is a fairytale love that others can see.
There must be a glow when in our eyes we stare. 

The question still lingers, should we take that leap.
Has sorrow guarded our hearts from love,
Will time allow us to look down from above. 
Should we grasp onto life's pleasures to keep. 

Oh young love, how innocent and sweet,
To be given this gift that one only dreams.
Could this be...the real fairytale it seems?
Was it destiny in motion to once again meet. 

I know now what life is telling me I should do,
Here stands my best friend right in front of me.
He's been with me a lifetime in every breath I breathe
I've always been passionately in love with you.