Written by: Kaila B.A

Watching you is the one only thing I can do
I just want to keep, forever looking at you

When you look at me, I rush to look behind
When you come next to me, I run and find a place to hide

I like you, I don't mind watching you from far
When you look me in the eyes, you are my shining star

I know you don't like me, I'm not your type
But, I'm just following my heart's map

I know that you are who I'm falling for
But, I can't let him walk out of my door

It's getting complicated, for a while I can't choose
I know he is liking me, I'm liking you, who is to lose?!

I don't want you to love me back
I think it's just how the story goes, this is my luck

But, If you had feelings for me tell me before he asks me out
Then I can make up my mind and stop tripping around