Written by: Shahana Jackson

Close the door! 
Yes! Were finally alone. 
I moan just from the excitement of it all. 
I giggle when you smile. 
We both have been wanting this... 
Even though it's way more than
each others bodies that we want. 
I would like to savour this moment. 
Lets do it so I can stop dreaming 
about your kiss. I know your caging 
an uncontrollable passion, please release. 
Collide into me. Put your lips to my lips. 
Juicy as hell alright. My whole body is anxious. 
Turn out the light! 
Tonight none of the outside world exsists. 
Tonight what's wrong will be right. 
I never knew that you on top of me
is all I've ever wanted from my life... 
It seems that way sometimes. 
I seep into you, and you seep into me. 
And than in the morning I wake up 
to your dimples. Sweet!