Written by: Kolapo Olapoju

Enough pain to last me a lifetime
Enough sorrow to freeze my tears
Enough failure to keep me on track
Enough fantasies to make me numb

My misery is hidden inside of me
Incessant bogus smiles fill my face
Muscling my way out of this state
Looking to HIM to bless my hustle

Fought battles,now i'm faced with storms
Breaking down barriers has become a hobby
The sour feel is spreading through my system
I try but i see no hope at all ahead
I'm suffering the sins of my forebears

Fairy tales never existed in my world
My headway keeps changing positions
I'm unsure of what tomorrow offers
Yet i can't afford to think negative
Suffering now,but i'll pull through

I'm clinging on to my mother's saying
That three generations cannot suffer

The current may not favour me today
But i know that someday soon
I will control the tide
Because deep inside of me
I know,I am a great man