Written by: Blythe Journey

I’ve tried to hide
But you find me
You find my psyche
Dressed in a turtleneck
With a refined scarf
And you disrobe each layer
Pulling at that dangling string
The hint that may unravel me
Playing hide n seek
Like a toddler
If I hide my eyes
You can’t see me
But when I’m peeking
Through the cracks of
My insecure fingers 
Squeezed tight afraid
Of being so raw
Your gaze is still there
Peeling back unconsented 
Layers as if to ravish
My vulnerability
But you don’t 
Give me a choice
I stand powerless 
And the plastic smile
I could pass off
And use to convince 
Strangers of my 
Perfect world 
You simply pick at
Digging your curious nail
Into the cracks of my being
Like an experienced banker
Identifying counterfeit money
You laugh at my mask
Your gaze chisels 
Gaping holes that 
Crumble in the heat
Of you loving me
And there I am
Thankful you found
My real and naked me
Because sometimes I hide
And I cannot even find myself