Thoughts Of Reality

Written by: Darius Knight

People use to say when it rains it my case when I cry its similar to that,
But are these tears of joy or sadness I'm trying to combat?
I reach my hands in the air talking to God as I stare into the full moon,
Asking for my very own Angel and to my surprise the image that appeared just so happen to
be you.

I pause in my prayer and gaze into the stars realizing you're the source of my joy,
I look down at the liquor bottle and realize it's you that put a glaze in my eye.
I rub the bruises on my chest and realize its my conversations with you that makes me
short winded,
It took so little time to realize that you're the light to allow my heart to be ascended.

I look into your eyes and I see every aspect of what affection is suppose to be,
No one knows what the future holds but I can see there's a chapter just for you and me.
I don't see you enough and it seems I don't really see you at all,
Though you'd be surprised at the glow on my face when I receive your phone call.

You have no idea how it feels to be special in one person's heart,
I wouldn't change a single decision about our relationship even if I was offered a restart.
I can imagine the very moment when we will kiss...time and reality around us will freeze,
But only for that moment and I can guarantee won't be displeased. ;)

Realistically...I pains to admit that we can't be together like we would like to right now,
I'm a patient man and I don't mind waiting for a woman who makes me say P.O.W. (Pretty
Outstanding Woman)
When the time comes my hand is ready to grasp,
But until then I thank God for all I have.