Past Art.

Written by: Graeme Blackburn

Past Art.

Feel the screaming call of the haunted past.
Begging for anther ponder
just one more mindless wonder?.
As I try unbind my mind from this twisted thought
that you are still wishing that I fought
Stuck in  time as the clock tick forwards,

I have no doubt i saw something.
a spark of life, cant describe it,
but you felt you must hide it.

As you paint this picture perfect puzzle
Of a pretty lady with out pain or struggle.
Never hurt or even miss stood in a puddle.
Art thrown over to mislead the other.
but i saw it.
The part of you, you missed to cover,
The part of you , you want no one to discover.

Wild acts and thoughts I want to tame.
but you an unfinished picture,
just not worth the frame...

Failing to keep colours with in your lies..
are those even real tears in your eyes?