Open me

Written by: Shahana Jackson

I want all your finger tips gripping me tightly just like you'd do a book 

I want you to turn to the next page so badly it's got me shook

If you can't read me clearly I'll give you some glasses now
go back to page 3 and give me another look. 

I want your eyes on me all night. 

Tonight I want you to be my nerd if you can. 

And if your a fast reader once your done I want you to open me up again.

We can repeat this process as long as your willing.

I want to draw you in and keep your fascination.
And when you've read my last words I want 
you to get a tingling sensation. 

You see when I read you I never want to put you down. 

I've titled you " queen" for obvious reasons
but also because your contents are profound. 

It's crazy that just with one sentence you 
can get me aroused. And your pages don't
contain much explicit images but my imagination runs wild. 

I want you to open me. 

I want the reader to really get to know what's behind the cover of me.

I want you to drink in my thoughts, taste my substance, feel my essence. 

And when you have turned the last page I want there to
be no more second guessing. 

Any questions?