Unfit and ill-equipped

Written by: Thvia Stein

Holy verse, subject to human 
interpretation, holds only shards 
of insight into divine wisdom 
leaving us ill-equipped, in our 
imperfection, to truly 
know the mind of God.

And in our imperfect state we 
have been granted the use of 
only a small percentage of our 
miraculous minds because we
are wisely given only that
which we can reasonably handle.

So how is it we lack humility, 
claiming infallible knowledge 
of sovereign will and law?  

And why is faith confused
with fact when there is no
evidence to support it?

Still, self-righteous zealots
peddle pre-packaged religion
complete with divine amnesty 
if you 'act now' 
and warning labels 
for those who refuse to buy.

We are all unqualified
to say who is right 
and who is wrong.
And not one of us 
is fit to know who 
lacks divine approval.

To disagree is not a sin.  

But to condemn another 
is to usurp the throne of God.