......Helter Skelter.......

Written by: John Rhinem

"Tertium guid...."

Spending a few moments pondering

The syllogism of existentialism, and

All of the pages of histories

Finds, movements, theories and themes....

The intricities; complexities

Compounds; variables and factors

Real or imagined? 

Proven, and reproven

Or, reasonings and conclusions


How far we've come

How far we've gone

On and on, and on and on....

Scientifical; anthrolifical; astronomical

Enlightenments, and advancements

Psychological; philosophical

Both, for me and you

That is, if we do, share

The same points of view?

Oh how I love complete silence


The meditation of contemplation

Trying to take hold, of the transitory

And to incise it, into forevers

Monomorphic stone!?....

Standing amid, a quaglistic earthium

Chisms of revisums; revisums, of the isms

Circular conjugation, concoursing

It's configurations....

Unbeknown, toward, a conflagration

Beyond the eyes?

This, schizogenic, schizogenesis

Genesis, of another nature

"Dementia Praecox"....With no eraser!

Gabylon, now in every nation....

Welcome, to, "My View!!!"


......Helter Skelter.......

Note: Smile ~ A repost as a contribution
towards the Halloween spirit here at..
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