Emphatic so pathetic you gave in
How could you throw in the towel?
Isn't the conquest yours for grabs
Is the potter through?
Do you think you know it all?
Do you know you can't do it all?
Shut up! Stand up
The battle is red hot oozing fire
It's wild wide spread engulfs from coast to coast
Dare to look in their of defeat
Can't you see the coup coming?
They are striving hard to pull you down
They won't thrive in their difference
Embrace your cloak of difference
You've done it before you will do it again
In spite of the tantrums the trash possessed bowel
Climb high,soar on the wings of the eagle
Flying time in the eyes of them that wouldn't see you grow
Crash their mountains to level plain
As their tongues lick the wounds of tears their heart cooked
O the break of a new dawn
They will feed on their well garnished food of fear