Ordinary Man

Written by: SKAT A

The Ordinary Man

In the kitchen where I feed, greed for you, my only need
Across the table, longing to be swept by your eyes
Like the average guy you speak of  long days
Tired and weary, not handy in bed 

Flames burned out the desire in hopes one day to return
I open the window, in hopes you feel and follow the tease
These feelings are so fustrating
I compare beyond mountains so boring

I hold back, missing your million kisses to none
Making wishes, I can't breath in my dream
A love connection ending like death
Your sex drive- gone cold, my wild sexuality ends in tears

The rage- The power - The hunger- Needs to be fed
No matter, tonight I'm setting the vibrator on high
One thing I won't deny myself, the pleasure my body needs 
Who needs the ordinary man, when I have a box full of batteries and toys!