South Park

Written by: Judith Palmer

I am standing 
  at the kitchen sink.
Your house, bling
Don't know why
  but I can't, think.
I am playing by
  the rules
But they keep
I have lost
  my tools.

Where did I go
  I was here
Last time
  I looked
  my essence
  preci'd into
  sudsy soapy bits
Down the hole.

It wasn't a rhyme
  about Alice
  it was me
  straight up
Against malice.

Do you prefer 
  the girl who cries
  in her pud
The one you left
  in South Park
She died
  in the dark.

It's a part of living
  to clean up
  my giving
I'm getting better
  with every word
Clearing my head
  setting the sword

I throw them down
  one by one but
Paired is better
  ask Noah
The go-getter.

I am making space
  to take in more of me
And I know
  I am not
Out of my tree.

Never changing
  for hatred again
No one can cause me
  any pain
I'm so cut up
  there are no more bits
Big enough to fit
  inside the slits.

Ill-fitting pieces
Meatballs from mince
Don't wince,
  I know
Analogies so.

I hear with my nose
  and smell with my teeth
And just can't find out
  What's beneath.