Written by: simone segal


To live the life of attraction

You really need to take this action

First of all you need to know

Where your thoughts are you shall go

Be aware of all you think

Your thoughts are where you’ll find the link

Your thoughts are the link to state of bliss

The keys to glory that can’t be missed

Who is it that you want to be

Act on that thought accordingly

For when you do, with joy you’ll shout

That you’ve become what you think about!

What we think, we attract

Nothing ever has been so exact!

I live my life in this way you see

What ever I think I attract to me

I strive to fill my world with bliss

And always hold my thoughts to this

It’s not your genes that make up you

It’s what you’re thinking to be true!

We are the consequences of our thoughts

Think bliss my friend is what you ought

For in this state lies immense satisfaction

We become what we think about

It’s called the law of attraction!