Dengel face!!

Written by: Kaila B.A

I walk to surprise you then I step back when i saw you
You with her on our anniversary but, you can't see me through

I run away from home, it's cold and pouring outside
My heart is frozen and breaking in to small pieces inside

I walk in the rain, my eyes couldn't cry
I laugh at myself for being a fool, my tears are dry

I wonder, why you did that to me, where did i go wrong?
You are loving her while listening to our favorite song

I was the Tender loving care you never had before
I was checking on you always before i walk out of the door

Now, you repay me with a price i never lent
Drugging me with beautiful words you never meant

Then you call me, saying I love you baby like you did nothing at all
I imagine your innocent dengel face, with my head on the wall

You do this to me, on our anniversary day!!
Huh, that's funny, But guess how much I'll let you pay!!

You will see what a broken hearted woman can do
Just wait and see what I will put you through

Dengel =(DEvil + aNGEL)