Fire Rainbow clouds

Written by: Doris Culverhouse

Today I saw an unusual phenomenum
Bright colors like a rainbow burst
Across a wispy cloud or two

Red and copper, blue with sheen
like a million tiny candles
aquamarine and teal
a glimpse of heaven

I feel God has blessed me
with such a sight like no other
shared today with my family
a treasure beyond compare
also I feel an inner touch
from God to me, personally
Just to say-have a nice day!!;_ylt=A0PDoS4ECYNMNTgAJSajzbkF?p=cloud+with+a+rainbow&ei=&iscqry=&fr=

...the rainbow clouds are a new view for me over the past 3 years...every time I see something new in nature I think how BIG is God?? How loved we are!!