Deep Intentions

Written by: Kendal Pyfrom

Now the torment raises the antagonizing process of the sunset Nowhere is found the hope which is given birth from the tragedy. Look into the abyss and see the dark grin of the real truth Which smirks at your stare? Only smile at its dark intentions as it cannot escape the dark. The malevolence of its smirk reveals your deep emotions. Do not bottle up the negative feelings which are held within your heart. Set free the emotion and banish it to the abyss. Now the sun rises, the antagonizing process of the torment. That tragedy gave birth to a new hope. The darkness shatters as the truth came into light. Its freedom releases a new smile of virtue, not a smirk of malevolence. Deep emotions are now floating over the grave, which was your despair. Feel a new presence as the light envelopes your being. Realize the new you void of negative emotion and despair. Celebrate the triumph over this feeling. Celebrate the new you.