My Sweet Child

Written by: Connie Marcum Wong

My sweet child,
I loved you
long before you were born. 
Your anticipated arrival brought
me a joy beyond my belief.
You never cried when you
entered this world,
you just gave a contented smile
which warmed my heart.
You were like an open vessel
into which I poured my love
until it overflowed. . . 
My heart was singing with praise
and divine gratefulness that you 
were born in the best of health
with all your little fingers and
toes where they belonged.
Through years of ballet classes
to the contrast of becoming a
brown belt in Karate. . .
I have delighted in watching you grow
into the lovely woman you are today.
Serving your country in the 
armed forces as a nurse has been 
a great source of pride,
that you chose a profession
to help heal others in need.
Yes, my heart continues to sing,
and is overflowing with love.

*Dedicated to my daughter Jennifer