Black Widow's Persuasion

Written by: Kris Walters

Come my sweet to silken thread,
finest twines I spin for thee.
Come to soft eternal bed,
yield unto my beck’ning plea.

Finest twines I spin for thee,
comfort grant in final hour.
Yield unto my beck’ning plea,
hunger doth my soul devour.

Comfort grant in final hour,
clothe thee in my flossy shroud.
Hunger doth my soul devour,
quick I’ll be, if I’m allowed.

Clothe thee in my flossy shroud,
tremble not beloved prey.
Quick I’ll be, if I’m allowed, 
Why, my lust, must thou delay?

Tremble not beloved prey,
now I take what’s fairly mine.
Why, my lust, must thou delay?
Quiet love, without repine.

Now I take what’s fairly mine, 
this is my eternal bed.
Quiet love, without repine, 
spin again my silken thread.


(for the Pantoum contest)  
* I took some liberty with the form- in the last stanza I modified the 2nd and 4th lines from 
the original ones in the first stanza- just gotta be me... *