A Letter From My Angel (Part II)

Written by: Susan Mills

Dear Susan,

     I am an angel. An angelic being. I'm of the order of the first sphere- an angel who serves 
as a heavenly counselor. I'm a cherabim. You may call me Cherabim. 
     Beyond the thrones are the cherabims. I am a gaurdian of light, and the stars. Remote 
from the plane of reality, still my life touches your life, the divine light that filters down from 
     Last night, you focused so much on light. You needed light to offset the darkness in which 
you knew you could not see.  You saw the beauty that light could give you to see what was 
right in front of your eyes.  You chose fire and wax.  Exquisite candles and lighters to light 
them. This morning you saw the light, and it was good.
     On the way home there was light in the sky; a silver sliver of a moon and a twinkling 
bright star, yes, Cherabim talking to you! It was good!

With Light and Counsel,