Yesterday’s Newspaper

Written by: Sarwar Morshed

To your Exalted Highness, yesterday’s newspaper am I-
read, re-read, swallowed, digested and vomited;
Nothing left to be explored- from the red banner headline to
The tall, beautiful, intensely religious, childrened and immigrant
Citizen Brides looming large in the horizon
Of advert pages to the Ghathak Pakhi & Co.;
From the fertile flambouyant politicians’ page 
to the bespectacled intellectuals’ space
to the agony columns
to the ‘Tuition Wanteds’
to ‘What’s for you in store- Your Horoscope’-unexplored nothing;
Yesterday’s newspaper am I.

To your distinguished self, extinguished am I.
Of no utilitarian relevance am I today-
Yesterday’s newspaper am I.
Discard me, dispose me off, Your Highness, I entreat,
Consummate the feat in a cardio- eco-friendly mode.